Sherell Carter


My name is Sherell W. Carter, I am a veteran of the United States Army, and I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I graduated from Syracuse University College of Law focusing my studies on family, business, and veteran law. My background and field of expertise have provided me with a unique perspective that helps me advocate for my clients from a position of personal and professional experience. My unique life experiences as a soldier, world traveler, and educator drives my passion to help my clients navigate through some of the most challenging times of their life.

Daisy Guerrero

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

My name is Daisy, and I have accumulated six years of experience as a Paralegal. I am an alumna of the University of Houston, where I obtained a degree in political science. My academic pursuits included the Pre-Law track, which allowed me to further my education in the legal field. In my leisure time, I enjoy traveling and exploring new places with my husband and son. This passion for exploration reflects my proactive and inquisitive nature, which is also evident in my professional endeavors as I continually seek to broaden my legal expertise and skill set.
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Francine Arroyo

Case Manager

I am Francine Arroyo, a senior student at Ateneo de Naga University-College of Law, currently pursuing Juris Doctor with a Thesis Curriculum. With nearly five years of experience in the legal field, my dedication to the law and continuous learning has refined my proficiency in both administrative and legal responsibilities. Throughout my career, I have actively contributed to various cases, spanning family law, estate planning, criminal law, and business law. As a legal assistant, my utmost priority is the commitment to delivering exceptional service for our clients.
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Jao Elegado

Case Manager

I am Jao Elegado, a dedicated second-year law student at Ateneo De Naga University. My journey in legal research has been profoundly influenced by active participation in moot court competitions. Apart from engaging in moot court activities, I've had the privilege of supporting legal aids in real-world situations, which has provided me with invaluable perspectives on the intricacies of legal practice. This hands-on exposure has honed my skills and provided me with firsthand knowledge essential for effective client support. With meticulous attention to detail and robust communication abilities, I am committed to ensuring that each client's cause is championed with unwavering dedication and integrity. Driven by a genuine commitment to make a positive difference in the legal realm, my ambition is to advocate tirelessly for the rights and welfare of underserved individuals, thereby making a meaningful contribution to the legal profession.

Hennie Bondal

Legal Assistant

My name is Hennie Bondal, currently in my second year as a student pursuing a dual degree in Juris Doctor and Masters in Legal Studies at Ateneo De Naga University College of Law. My specialization focuses on a Thesis curriculum. Fueled by a deep passion for Law, I have invested significant time and effort in broadening my understanding of the legal landscape. This journey has provided me with valuable insights into legal frameworks, fostering a nuanced perspective on the complexities, challenges, and dynamics inherent in the field. My commitment to excellence extends beyond academic pursuits to include the cultivation of strong interpersonal skills. This ability enables me to establish meaningful connections with clients. Proficient communication has further empowered me to address legal matters with a blend of professionalism and compassion. Armed with dedication, passion, and a drive for success, I am well-positioned to contribute meaningfully to the legal profession. My goal is to uphold the principles of justice and fairness throughout my career.

Kirby Darilay

Legal Assistant

My name is Kirby Darilay, and I currently serve as a Legal Assistant. In this role, I aim to offer empathetic and efficient guidance throughout the process, ensuring that our clients feel valued and supported right from the start. My focus on empathy and professionalism allows me to build meaningful connections with clients, creating a safe space for them to openly express their needs and concerns. With strong communication skills and a background in customer service, I am dedicated to providing our clients with the support they need for a positive experience. I am eager to contribute to positive change and assist our clients effectively.
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Brittney Simpson

Human Resources Consulting Manager

I'm Brittney, an HR consultant with over a decade of experience in Human Resources. I graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor's degree and have proudly held the prestigious SHRM-SCP certification since 2017. My dedication is centered on cultivating environments that empower individuals to excel and produce their best work. I strongly believe that the core foundation of any organization is its people, and my fervor lies in guiding them to achieve their highest potential.
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John Rey Miñoza

Human Resources Specialist

I am John Rey Miñoza, an expert in HR duties with a broad expertise in several legal specialties. I am skilled in handling family law disputes and protecting private information. In an HR setting, I have handled challenging situations including car accidents, slip-and-fall occurrences, and personal injury lawsuits with success. With a broad skill set to assist HR operations, I am proficient in information communication technologies, including both hardware and software. My understanding of marketing strategy also provides value to the HR activities that our team does.

Eunice Ymas

Business Processing Improvement Analyst

I'm Eunice Ymas, and my professional journey is built on a foundation of passion for Psychology and client-centric service. Armed with a degree in Psychology and boasting over a decade of experience as an Administrative and Executive Assistant—three of which were dedicated to the Mental Health Industry—I am now venturing into an exciting new chapter within a Legal setting, specializing as a Billing Specialist. What distinguishes me is my unwavering commitment not only to handling business tasks but also to prioritizing client satisfaction. I firmly believe in taking care of both the job and the client, adopting a comprehensive approach to my work.

Farida Gineina

Intake Manager

My name is Farida Gineina, and I have a global perspective and a solid commitment to justice. I have gained extensive customer service experience from Egypt to Bahrain, the USA, and Canada. Living independently in these diverse countries since age 15 has instilled in me a deep appreciation for justice and the value of assisting those in need.

My education began in the United States, where I obtained my high school diploma. I am pursuing further studies in Social Service Work at Durham College in Canada. Motivated by a fascination with social dynamics and cultural diversity, I am devoted to understanding power structures and the various cultures that influence our world. My focus on client-centric approaches and delivering exceptional customer service reflects my dedication to fostering trust and reliability while efficiently addressing clients' needs. I am enthusiastic about continuing my pursuit of justice and equity, and I am also passionate about contributing to business growth and success in the corporate world.

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